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SNL – Josh Hutcherson/HAIM


Last night’s SNL was an it’s almost Thanksgiving, let’s just phone this in episode. Josh did the best he could but this was no one’s best episode. It’s okay, man. Jennifer Lawrence’s SNL hosting gig didn’t go great either. All right, let’s dive into it.

Josh’s cast member Hunger Games monologue was pretty good, led by Kate McKinnon’s perfect Effie Trinket.

Many more sketches below!

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SNL – Lady Gaga


If you’re relying on Hulu to give you the best of SNL last night with host Lady Gaga, you’re about to be disappointed. Many of the best sketches are not available online. From Gaga’s stellar monologue, singing Applause about pandering for applause from the audience to the album compilation sketch about the best of the worst ever cover songs, a lot of awesome is missing.

Never fear, little monsters and SNL fans, here’s what Hulu does have to offer.

No doubt this sketch is going to turn Kanye into an all caps ranting mess (but what doesn’t?). Jay Pharoah was spot damn on in his Kanye impression and Nasim was perfect as Kim. Gaga plays Karen, an Apple Genius Bar employee who is brought in to fix Kim’s computer and explain how she can call herself a genius. She’s super adorable as Karen. Don’t miss this sketch.

More sketches below!

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SNL – Kerry Washington/Eminem


Did you miss SNL last night? Don’t worry. I’ve got all the best sketches with Kerry Washington right here.

In the cold open, SNL addressed the controversy of not currently having a black female performer on the show.

Kerry Washington’s monologue where she fixes problems for SNL cast members like her character on Scandal.

Nasim Pedrad makes this sketch worth watching as she plays a motivational speaker with a fondness for sound effects and thrusting.

This parody of The Fox was the sketch of the night. Good luck not getting it stuck in your head all day.

In this talk show sketch, guests weigh in on how the President is doing and what potential scenarios would cause them to no longer support him. I loved this sketch.

As was very clear in this episode, Jay Pharoah can do a lot more than his “attention teachers and students” principal character. However, Kenan kills it in this sketch and makes it worth watching.

Two words: Bitch Apartment.

Honestly, everything Kate McKinnon does is funny and her accent and expressions in this Weekend Update bit are no exception.

A thousand points to Aidy Bryant because she is the reason this sketch about a cartoon catchphrase game show is funny.

What did you think? Which sketch was your favorite?

On TV Tonight: Thursday, October 31



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Staying in tonight? Here are some options for what to watch.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8pm EST) – It’s a repeat from January but it’s one where the dudes go on a road trip in costume.

Saturday Night Live Halloween (NBC, 8pm EST) – This special will be a compilation of some of your favorite Halloween sketches over the years. Spooky, scary. It should be pretty awesome.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (ABC, 8pm EST) – Everyone’s favorite classic with a bonus animated short called, “You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown.” That doesn’t sound like too much of a bummer.

Elsewhere at 8pm EST, 28 Days Later is on BBC America, FX has Paranormal Activity 2, The Lost Boys is on VH1 and Ovation is airing The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

At 9pm EST, The Crazy Ones, Sean Saves the World and Grey’s Anatomy are all new.