SNL – Josh Hutcherson/HAIM


Last night’s SNL was an it’s almost Thanksgiving, let’s just phone this in episode. Josh did the best he could but this was no one’s best episode. It’s okay, man. Jennifer Lawrence’s SNL hosting gig didn’t go great either. All right, let’s dive into it.

Josh’s cast member Hunger Games monologue was pretty good, led by Kate McKinnon’s perfect Effie Trinket.

Many more sketches below!

Girlfriends Talk Show is not very funny on a great week and this was not a great week. Josh plays the cutest boy in school that Aidy has a crush on.

This short features Kenan, Jay and Josh as subway performers who dance wherever they can, even in crowded subway cars. I liked this one.

Tonight’s installment of the two employees who think they’re getting fired and tell off their co-workers. The host is usually a throwaway in these situations, just stuck there as the boss and this was no exception.

Josh did the best he could in this sketch where vet techs tell owners all their pets are dead. It’s just one of the many “why did this make it to air?” sketches from last night.

Josh plays a guy who brings home his girlfriend for Thanksgiving. She’s a turkey. Yup.

This sketch about a boss with the body and mannerisms of a baby was the worst sketch of the night and possibly of all time. I’m begging you to save yourself and not watch this.

I don’t know what the official term for these are since they’re not digital shorts. I’ll call them pre-recorded crapshoots. Sometimes, they’re good. Sometimes, they’re godawful. This was godawful. It contains no Josh so if that’s why you might watch it, don’t.

In a terrible week, I found this interviewing bugs short to be kind of adorable. If you’re just interested in Josh, he’s briefly in this but when he is, he’s great.

Update! The best part of the week.

Aidy plays the Worst Lady on an Airplane and she kills it. In a good way. Watch this one.

It’s bad when you’re watching SNL and you know a great sketch won’t make it to the internet for music rights issues. Last night, Josh played a guy in the 80s that spoke only by lip synching lines from Outfield’s Your Love. It sounds crazy but it was adorable, especially when he sang one line himself, terribly.

HAIM, who I had never heard of before last night, did a great job. If you offered me a million dollars to tell you any of their lyrics, I couldn’t but they had a good sound.

What did you think about SNL last night?


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