30 Days 30 Netflix Movies



If you’re anything like me, you add things to your Netflix queue and leave them there to die. I decided to change this by watching 30 movies from my queue during July. I’m calling it 30 Days 30 Netflix Movies. I’ll be watching all kinds of movies I’ve never seen: new, old, classic and possibly craptastic.

I know July has 31 days but James Gunn and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy comes out on August 1, and I need a day to prepare. Seriously.

Day one hit a snag when Sexy Evil Genius with Katee Sackhoff, Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg was removed overnight. I replaced it on the list with In Bruges, which was probably a good idea all around.

The list below is not in any order and I’ll be choosing that day’s movie based on what I feel like watching / what my cat chooses / the weather / because reasons.

1 The Family
2 Girl Most Likely
3 Mud
4 Charlie Countryman
5 Star Trek Into Darkness
6 Cloudy 2
7 Don Jon
8 Tiger Eyes
9 Short Term 12
10 Odd Thomas
11 Kill Me Later
12 Hick
13 Sexy Evil Genius /removed. In Bruges
14 Paradise
15 My Week With Marilyn
16 To The Wonder
17 Upside Down
18 Safe Haven
19 The Ledge
20 Family Weekend
21 The Paperboy
22 Jeff Who Lives at Home /removed! Rapture-Palooza
23 Safety Not Guaranteed
24 Bully
25 Paranorman
26 Heathers
27 Compliance
28 Timer
29 Ondine
30 Say Anything

Join me and watch some from my list or your own queue. It’ll be fun or something! Comment here with what you’re watching or tweet me @boxcollection or using #30Days30NetflixMovies. I know it’s long. It’ll be okay. We’ve got each other and our Netflix accounts.


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