SNL – Lady Gaga


If you’re relying on Hulu to give you the best of SNL last night with host Lady Gaga, you’re about to be disappointed. Many of the best sketches are not available online. From Gaga’s stellar monologue, singing Applause about pandering for applause from the audience to the album compilation sketch about the best of the worst ever cover songs, a lot of awesome is missing.

Never fear, little monsters and SNL fans, here’s what Hulu does have to offer.

No doubt this sketch is going to turn Kanye into an all caps ranting mess (but what doesn’t?). Jay Pharoah was spot damn on in his Kanye impression and Nasim was perfect as Kim. Gaga plays Karen, an Apple Genius Bar employee who is brought in to fix Kim’s computer and explain how she can call herself a genius. She’s super adorable as Karen. Don’t miss this sketch.

More sketches below!

No Gaga in this commercial but Paxil for second term Presidents was great.

This sketch about an acting camp for kids where they act out scenes from adult movies (like R rated, not porn) had its moments. Watch it just for Gaga acting out a kid friendly version of Training Day.

Sick and tired of having to wait through charity events and coffee bitch sessions on reality shows to get to the good stuff? The Rosé Zone’s got what you need. This was great.

Mark the passing of Blockbuster with the only people who will care, Blockbuster employees. Gaga makes an appearance.

This sketch with Gaga as a parent acting out her daughter’s dance moves from the audience was not that good but if you like to see Gaga a-dancing, check it out.

Kenan, as Mr. Senior runs through the Rockefeller Center area of Manhattan, protesting anyone and everyone decorating for Christmas already. I loved this.

Taran killed this Update bit. This is a must see.

Strangely missing is the last sketch of the night, featuring Lady Gaga in 2063 adorably trying to convince repairman Kenan she used to be somebody. She sings all of her own songs, which you’d think would be cleared for use since she’s Gaga but who knows what level of prickly record executives get about this pesky internet streaming thing. She sings “I’m on the edge of roast beef” and plays Poker Face and Bad Romance to Kenan.

She even puts an old telephone on her head and says she sang a song with Beyoncé. That he gets since she’s now Empress Beyoncé. It was a sad and sweet sketch all at the same time. Gaga was adorable in it and it makes you want to run out and hug your grandparents or old people you don’t know.

Musical performances? Never fear! Here’s Gaga singing Do What U Want with R. Kelly and her second performance, the completely stellar Gypsy.

What did you think about Lady Gaga’s first time hosting SNL? I think she rocked it, even though a few sketches were not the best. The co-op board sketch was a mess and totally misused Gaga, not to mention almost everyone else on the show. Are you still singing I’m on the edge of roast beef? Seriously, I can’t stop singing it.


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