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SNL – Lady Gaga


If you’re relying on Hulu to give you the best of SNL last night with host Lady Gaga, you’re about to be disappointed. Many of the best sketches are not available online. From Gaga’s stellar monologue, singing Applause about pandering for applause from the audience to the album compilation sketch about the best of the worst ever cover songs, a lot of awesome is missing.

Never fear, little monsters and SNL fans, here’s what Hulu does have to offer.

No doubt this sketch is going to turn Kanye into an all caps ranting mess (but what doesn’t?). Jay Pharoah was spot damn on in his Kanye impression and Nasim was perfect as Kim. Gaga plays Karen, an Apple Genius Bar employee who is brought in to fix Kim’s computer and explain how she can call herself a genius. She’s super adorable as Karen. Don’t miss this sketch.

More sketches below!

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