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Things You Can Do to Prep For Sons of Anarchy’s Final Season



Prashant Gupta/FX Networks

Tuesday is coming. The end begins at 10pm on FX. Are you ready? Everyone gears up for Sons of Anarchy in different ways. Here are some ideas of how you can prepare for the final season premiere.

Marathon the whole series.
Seasons 1-5 are on Netflix and season 6 is available to buy in stores and online. If you need to catch up, this is the way to go. However, considering there are only three and a half days left before the season 7 premiere, this plan is likely to bring forth all those emotions you’ve been shoving back down. You’ll be a total mess by Tuesday.

Hit the liquor store.
If you drink, this is going to be a drinking season. It’s the last damn season and as David Labrava said on Twitter, “NO ONES GOING TO THE HOSPITAL THIS TIME THEY JUST GONNA DIE LIKE ALOT.” Just don’t drink every time someone says Jesus Christ. You’ll be dead before the 45 minute mark.

Beg Kurt Sutter on Twitter for your favorite character’s life.
It’s a more than useless exercise since I don’t think anyone has ever managed to talk Sutter out of a body count but it might make you feel better. The final episode is probably written but it hasn’t been shot yet. Translation: For the endlessly hopeful SoA fan, there’s still time. Put in a good word for Tig and Juice, will you?

Clear off your DVR.
If you’re like me, your DVR is always low on space. This being it as far as SoA goes, you can bet something crazy will go down in every episode that you’ll want to rewatch. You don’t want to have to make last minute keep it/delete it decisions. Be advised all episodes this season are going to run long, so don’t expect 60 minute episodes.

Make sure to hide any Facebook friends that post spoilers.
Odds are Sons are going to be dropping dead left and right this season and no one wants to find out on Facebook. Now is the time to hide those friends with zero regard for other people, especially if you can’t watch SoA on Tuesday nights. Pro tip: Don’t go on Twitter until you’re caught up. Just don’t.

Be excited.
This is it. It’s sad and it sucks but we’re all part of something pretty epic. Most of us have committed hard to this series, defending our favorite characters and never missing an episode. This is our last hurrah and we had damn well better ride this season until the wheels fall off. No matter what, SAMCRO never dies. I’m not letting it go. Are you?

What are you doing to prepare for Tuesday’s premiere? Which characters do you want to survive?


How I Ended Up With a Massive Corey Stoll Problem



The Strain, FX Networks

I don’t know if it was because I was in a post-Guardians of the Galaxy glow and had finally seen it after two years of waiting or if I needed a new summer TV show to hang my hat on, but I fell hard for The Strain and in turn, Corey Stoll.

I wasn’t even sure if I was going to watch The Strain. The one sheet ads were gross and I knew I couldn’t handle parasitic eye worms for long periods of time. I also saw from the on-TV description that the hero I was supposed to put my faith in was named Dr. Ephraim Goodweather. That’s a hell of a name and not one I thought would be connected to a good series (I also thought the same about Buffy and I was obviously beyond wrong). The reviews came in and they were positive, so I DVRed it.

I didn’t know Corey Stoll from a hole in the wall but had a vague memory of him in Non-Stop, that Liam Neeson movie I also couldn’t really remember. But as any Corey Stoll fan knows, the man has a way catching your eye awfully fast. Eph, as he’s called repeatedly, without any concern for how often people actually say each other’s names in life, works for the CDC and believes in locating, quarantining, studying and curing viruses. He’s saddled with pesky ethics and morals that prevent him from freely killing those infected, which is the only way to stop and contain the growing problem. If you want a pure how-do-we-kill-it mentality, Fet, played by Kevin Durand, is your man. And mine. I’m torn. It happens.

My friend, Jenn, had already been undone by Corey pre-Strain and recommended House of Cards to me. I’d put it off because with the full season episode dump at Netflix, if you don’t watch it immediately, you’re quickly left behind. Thanks to Corey, I gave in and shotgunned season one in a few days.


I took this with my phone, clearly. The image belongs to House of Cards and Netflix and not me. Arms for days.

Several things happen when you do this. First, any casual Corey problem you have is escalated into a full-blown crush. If this didn’t happen to you, you are far stronger than I am. Second, with every passing second of House of Cards, Corey’s Strain wig becomes more and more ridiculous. You soon find you have trouble believing Eph is, in fact, Corey Stoll, for Corey is beautiful and bald and Eph wears a hair hat that is pretty impressive for a wig but just isn’t him.

The other thing that happens is that Peter Russo becomes the thread that pulls on your heart. You hope for the best for him, his sobriety, his political career and personal life. He struggles and is emotionally tortured in a way that is devastating to watch, especially with those big eyes of his. Frank Underwood is House of Cards, sure, but he’s not a good person. As Russo says in an email to one of his very angry constituents, he’s a good person, or he’s trying to be. Russo tries so hard and broke my heart several times in the process. He also made it so I’m hopelessly contaminated as far as Corey Stoll goes. I couldn’t undo this problem even if I wanted to.

I didn’t expect this to happen, especially not in the week before the final season of Sons of Anarchy but sometimes television throws a nice surprise your way. The Strain airs on FX, Sunday nights at 10pm EST. House of Cards is available on Netflix streaming and on DVD. For more Corey, check out This is Where I Leave You, also starring Tina Fey and Jason Bateman, in theaters September 19th.

Agents of SHIELD 1×07 The Hub Recap



Justin Lubin/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

On tonight’s episode, Fitz and Ward get sent on a classified mission alone, while the rest of the team stays behind at the Hub. Simmons and Skye go on their own secret mission to find out what’s really going on.

Spoilers below.

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On TV Tonight: Sunday, November 10


Need your fix of drama before you head back to work tomorrow? Here are my recommendations for what to watch tonight.

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo, 8pm EST) – The drama continues as NeNe texts Apollo, Porsha moves in with her mom and Kenya tries to fight being evicted.

The Walking Dead (AMC, 9pm EST) – Let’s face it. It’s not looking good for most of the people at the prison. If you want to find out who survives this week, you’d better watch it tonight before you hear about it on Facebook.

Talking Dead (AMC, 10pm EST) – AMC says the guests tonight are Adam Savage and Breckin Meyer but if you watched Talking Dead last week, you know Chris Hardwick said there will be a surprise guest. Usually, a surprise guest means someone didn’t make it through Walking Dead this week. Just saying. Set your DVRs.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo, 11pm EST) – If you want the inside scoop about what goes down on tonight’s RHOA, there’s no better source than Andy Cohen. Tonight’s guests are Porsha and Nelly.

Comic Book Men (AMC, 12am EST) – Need to decompress after Walking Dead? Check out this show. It’s funny, nerdy and often has famous guests pop by the shop. This week, a Mr. T water game comes into the shop. It’s okay to admit you’re a little curious.

On TV Tonight: Thursday, November 7



Monty Brinton/CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Don’t know what to watch tonight? Here are my top recommendations for Thursday.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 8pm EST) – Professor Proton is back! Bob Newhart reprises his Emmy award winning role as Professor Proton, childhood hero of Leonard and Sheldon. But wait. There’s more. After Leonard gets Professor Proton’s help with an experiment, Sheldon befriends Bill Nye, arch-nemesis of Professor Proton. All this episode is missing is Beakman from Beakman’s World. Seriously, don’t miss this one.

The Crazy Ones (CBS, 9pm EST) – Josh Groban guest stars as a former co-worker of Sydney’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar), who has written a song about her. This show is a gem. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out. PS – I’m writing this while Mrs. Doubtfire is on.

What are you watching tonight?