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Christmas TV Episodes to Watch on Netflix



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Looking to mix up your Christmas watching a bit? Try out these great Christmas TV episodes.

Malcolm in the Middle
Christmas (season 3, episode 7) – Fed up with the boys ruining everything, Lois cancels Christmas until the boys prove they can behave. This upsets Hal, who very much loves Christmas. Cloris Leachman won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy for this episode.

Christmas Trees (season 5, episode 7) – Hal is laid off before Christmas and decides to sell Christmas trees with the boys. Meanwhile, Lois and her team at Lucky Aide hunt down a possibly rabid squirrel.

Frasier Grinch (season 3, episode 9) – Frasier and Niles hit the mall to find educational toys for Frasier’s son, despite Martin advising him the hot toy that year is the Outlaw Laser Robo Geek.

Many more below, including Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Buffy and Robert Downey Jr.

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On TV Tonight: Tuesday, November 12



Michael Courtney/The CW Network, LLC

There’s a lot to choose from tonight on TV. Here’s what I’m watching.

Agents of SHIELD (ABC, 8pm EST) – Fitz and Ward go on a dangerous mission and classified secrets are kept from the team. We almost lost Simmons last week. If I were Fitz, I’d be staying closer to home this week.

Supernatural (CW, 9pm EST) – Cas is back! Cas calls Dean for help with a mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, Dean tells Sam and Kevin to work on the tablet with Crowley. What could go wrong?

Sons of Anarchy (FX, 10pm EST) – Everything escalates this week as Jax and Gaalen meet again, which went really well last time. Also, one of the kids goes missing. This episode is 90 minutes long so check your DVR settings and get comfortable.

Sound good? What are you watching tonight?

Supernatural 9×05 Dog Dean Afternoon Recap



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In this week’s episode, the Colonel, a German Shepherd, is the only witness to the murder of his taxidermist owner, who was snapped in half by a reptiled tongued man in a cowboy hat (Steve Valentine, Nigel on Crossing Jordan). Sam and Dean investigate the murder with a lot of help from man’s best friend.

Spoilers below.

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Supernatural 9×04 Slumber Party



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On this week’s Supernatural, the dudes accidentally unleash the Wicked Witch of The West (yes, that one) while trying to hotwire the Men of Letters super computer to track angels. Ancient computers? Winchesters? Who you gonna call? Charlie Bradbury! Sorry, it’s almost Halloween. Couldn’t resist.

Spoilers below.

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