Supernatural 9×04 Slumber Party



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On this week’s Supernatural, the dudes accidentally unleash the Wicked Witch of The West (yes, that one) while trying to hotwire the Men of Letters super computer to track angels. Ancient computers? Winchesters? Who you gonna call? Charlie Bradbury! Sorry, it’s almost Halloween. Couldn’t resist.

Spoilers below.

Unleashing the Wicked Witch of the West also sets Dorothy free, who Dean cuts out of a gross cocoon stuck to the wall. Turns out the Wizard of Oz books were written about her by her dad, L. Frank Baum, but the books aren’t accurate to what she experienced in the not so merry old land of Oz herself.

Charlie, a huge fan of the Oz books, is elated to meet Dorothy but disappointed every time Dorothy plays Mythbusters on the books. “Stop ruining my childhood,” she tells Dorothy.

The Wicked Witch, who is missing her tongue, naturally goes to the imprisoned Crowley. Sam and Dean trade Crowley a chance to stretch his legs for the information on what the crazy bitch of the west wants. Turns out she’s looking for a key that turns any door into a gateway to Oz, a key Dean keeps with his vintage Asian porn.

Charlie and Dean have a run-in with the witch while locating the key. Charlie jumps in front of Dean, saving him from the witch’s death blast. She is dead, for real. Sam comes running and Dean calls for Zeke. Zeke explains he can either save Charlie or help with the witch. Dean chooses to save Charlie, without hesitation. Zeke does and when Charlie and Sam come to, Dean lies about what happened. However, Sam remembers Dean calling for Zeke.

Charlie and Dorothy go to the garage to find Dorothy’s badass motorcycle that the Men of Letters kept for her all these years. From inside the saddlebag, Dorothy pulls out the ruby red slippers, which are bright red heels. Charlie asks if she actually walked down a yellow brick road in those and Dorothy said she didn’t, explaining it felt tacky “wearing a dead woman’s shoes.” Dorothy also knows Charlie has died, as no one can survive the witch’s blast. Charlie is stunned but Dorothy says she’s died before, too. It’s like a badge of honor.

The witch turns Sam and Dean into her minions, which gives them creepy voices. Charlie asks, “Is that your Batman voice?” before realizing, no, no, it’s not. Charlie apologizes before she kicks Dean “in the nards.” Dorothy tells Charlie she’ll buy her some time and Charlie runs off to stop the witch from unleashing the evils of Oz on our world.

Charlie stabs the witch with the ruby red badass heels and the spell on the boys is broken. She fights to shut the door to Oz before the flying monkeys get through.

The witch defeated, Dorothy says she has a revolution to finish in Oz and asks Charlie to go with her. Excited Charlie agrees, finally going on a quest of her own and goes through the doorway, down the yellow brick road with Dorothy, to AC/DC’s For Those About to Rock.

The entire episode takes place in the Men of Letters bunker, which offered us more of a look at the impressive facility. It’s got a garage! Baby is now in the garage, which is great because she’s not outside, exposed, and because we finally got to see her again.

You can’t lose with a Charlie episode, especially since it was written by Robbie Thompson who has written all the other Charlie episodes. An episode about Oz, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West would be ridiculous if Robbie wasn’t behind the wheel.

Bonus Points:

If you thought Dorothy was super badass in this episode, tell her! Tweet Kaniehtiio Horn, @kaniehtiio. She’s super sweet. She’s also Destiny on Hemlock Grove if you thought she looked familiar.

According to Felicia Day on Twitter (@feliciaday), Charlie’s shirt is a reference to Cloud Atlas.

The boys watch Game of Thrones with Charlie and argue about whether or not to read the books first. On last night’s Twitter live tweet, Robbie Thompson (@rthompson1138) said Jensen made him promise to buy him Game of Thrones season 1 on DVD so he’d understand the references.

Next week, Dean mind melds with a German shepherd. Yes, you read that right. So, what did you think about this episode?


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  1. Thanks for this recap. The flow was perfect and the length was just right. I could feel the positivity in this review, whereas I’ve been reading a lot of mixed recaps. There was a lot of badassery in this episode and it needs to be appreciated! haha

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the recap and the episode! There hasn’t been a Charlie episode that’s let me down yet and you can always count on me to appreciate badassery.

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