On TV Tonight: Sunday, November 17


Tonight’s the big night if you’re into arguing women and zombies. Here’s what I recommend checking out.

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo, 8pm EST) – The drama continues as Kandi’s fiancé, Todd, continues to be scrutinized by virtually everyone Kandi knows. Also, Cynthia worries about her surgery and Kenya decides to move. PS – Phaedra’s on Watch What Happens Live at 11 tonight.

The Walking Dead (AMC, 9pm EST) – Hold on to your hats, everyone. Especially you, Carl. The Governor is back. Odds are he hasn’t worked out his severe mental issues since he’s been gone so this episode is not one to miss. The episode is also called Live Bait so something tells me it’s not going to be all sunshine and farming at the prison tonight.

Talking Dead (AMC, 10:01pm EST) – Tonight’s guests are the Governor himself, David Morrissey, and Ike Barinholtz from the old MadTV and Hulu’s awesome animated series, The Awesomes. If you have to crash early, be sure to set your DVR for this one.

What are you watching tonight?


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