American Horror Story: Coven 3×05 Burn, Witch. Burn! Recap



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Tonight, the girls and Delphine LaLaurie take on the hoard of undead surrounding the school. Elsewhere, Fiona deals with the aftermath of the attack on Cordelia.

Spoilers below.

If you’ve forgotten the atrocious things Delphine’s done in the past, this episode immediately reminds you. Jacques, a man introduced to Delphine’s oldest daughter, Borquita, is also quickly introduced to Delphine’s Chamber of Horrors. Delphine shows him, with absolute delight, pots with real eyeballs and intestines brutally cut out from her slaves. Later, Borquita plots with her sisters to kill their mother.

Overhearing this, Delphine flies into a rage. Borquita is ripped from her bed and shoved in a cage in the room of torture we saw in previous episodes and has her leg broken. She finds her sisters locked up in the same room, where Delphine tells them they’ll remain for a year, if they’re good. So, basically, you shouldn’t ever plot to kill Delphine unless you’re absolutely sure you can take her out before she finds out.

Cut back to where we left off last week, with Delphine seeing her three daughters, risen from the dead, at the door of the school.

Cordelia isn’t faring any better, having had acid thrown in her eyes. The ER doctor tells Fiona that Cordelia is now blind.

Back at the school, Zoe takes charge, which is a great change of pace for her. Luke, the cute neighbor, goes out to make the undead leave, not realizing it isn’t just some teenage prank. He catches on pretty quick.

At the salon, Marie is floating and commands the undead, “Begin.” The undead attack some dudes from the neighborhood with the most unfortunate timing. One also gets Luke in the back with an ax. Yup, they’re armed and hungry for murder. Never good.

Zoe, who is clearly prepared for the zombie apocalypse, orders everyone to get away from the windows. She also stops Delphine from going outside, yelling, “Your daughters are dead! You want to be dead, too?” While the others follow Spalding upstairs to hide, Nan sneaks out to save Luke. They find temporary refuge in Cordelia’s car.

Fiona wanders the halls in the hospital with the worst lighting ever. A man tells her, “You didn’t throw the acid but you might as well have.” Fiona enters the room of a woman who has just delivered a stillborn baby girl. She forces the woman to hold the baby, tell the baby she loves her, how beautiful she is and that she’ll never leave her. Fiona then brings the baby back to life. This scene was so intense and gorgeous. Jessica Lange owned it.

The undead break into the car and have Nan and Luke totally surrounded. Zoe starts banging pots and pans together to distract the undead, screaming, “Over here, you rotting pieces of shit!” Zoe is quickly overrun but manages to lock herself in a safe place.

Delphine feels guilty she let Queenie get out of bed and goes to get her a soda. Out the kitchen window, Delphine sees Borquita and lets her in. She says, “What has she done to you?” and then corrects herself, saying, “What have I done to you?” Borquita grabs Delphine’s throat.

Borquita then attacks Spalding and Queenie, who cuts her own throat to kill Borquita. It doesn’t work but Delphine stabs Borquita through the chest, which does. Delphine breaks down, telling Queenie that Borquita had a monster for a mother. Queenie embraces Delphine.

Nan tries to get Luke, who is bleeding to death, to safety but he collapses. Zoe, armed with a chainsaw, goes to town on the undead, allowing Nan and Luke to get back inside the school. A final zombie attacks Zoe. Her chainsaw dies and it looks like she’s a goner. Suddenly, she holds out her hand and commands the zombie, “Be in your nature.” This stops the zombie and sends Marie to the floor, who says there is real power at the school now.

At the hospital, Fiona and Hank rip into each other. Since we found out last week he’s a cheating, murdering, crazy person, I’m all for Fiona taking him out. He touches Cordelia’s hand and she has visions of what he was up to last week.

Back at the school, it’s daylight and Nan and Zoe burn the bodies under Fiona’s instruction. It seems like Fiona’s found her softer side because she allows Nan to look after Luke until he’s better and compliments Zoe’s fighting skills.

The council returns and demands Fiona abdicate. Fiona refuses and reveals to the council the hooded figure that threw acid in Cordelia’s eyes was Myrtle. She also tells them Myrtle has been in New Orleans under an alias for weeks, planning to take down Fiona. Myrtle’s motel room has a creepy wall with creepy, surveillance photos of Fiona. Myrtle, you’ve gone creepy.

Myrtle’s hand is revealed to have been burned by acid. She insists something had to be done about Fiona. The two other council members decide to “burn the witch.” Myrtle tells them she won’t resist. “I go proudly to the flame,” she says.

Dr. John’s “Right Place, Wrong Time” plays as the coven marches to an abandoned location, where Myrtle will be burned. Myrtle is doused in gasoline and Fiona sets her ablaze with her cigarette.

Later, Queenie asks Fiona, “Did I help you frame a guilty woman or an innocent one?” We see that Queenie burned her hand in acid, burning Myrtle’s right before Fiona took her glove off. Queenie is traumatized by watching Myrtle burn at the stake and tells Fiona she can’t live with her part in this. Fiona suggests Queenie could learn from her and maybe even become the next Supreme. Queenie leaves, feeling encouraged.

Upstairs, in the attic, Spalding dances in a dress while he sprays air freshener to mask the smell of Madison’s rotting corpse. He tries to pull her out of the box he put her in but her arm comes off. Ew. Mega ew. Can we have non-corpse Emma Roberts back now?

Misty Day comes across Myrtle’s crispy corpse and puts her hands on Myrtle’s face. Her eyes open. Oops.

What did you think about this episode? I loved watching Zoe turn badass, taking charge and chainsawing a bunch of zombies. Do you think Myrtle really blinded Cordelia? How many pieces do you think Madison will be in when someone finally finds her?


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