South Park 17×06 Ginger Cow Recap



South Park Studios/Comedy Central

Now that we’re all still scarred for life from last week’s Taming Strange, this week, Cartman’s prank results in peace in the middle east.

Spoilers below.

Cartman paints red spots on a cow and gives it red hair to prove that Kyle was right and humans aren’t the only species with gingers. All the kids take photos on their phones.

Kyle warns, “Even the dumbest lie can have big consequences.” Cartman: “Yeah, you’re right, Kyle. I’m sure that that is going to have earth shattering consequences.”

News channels from all over the world air stories on the ginger cow and immediately after, the anchors all kill themselves on camera.

Kyle is brought to the principal’s office to translate for visitors from Israel. Mackey: “This boy, mmkay, is Jew. Mmkay. Jew like you, mmkay. Please try speak to Jew.” They explain, in English, the ginger cow is a sign of end times in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith.

Religious leaders all meet at the Airport Hilton to discuss the terms of Armageddon. One man points out they’re all talking to each other and that maybe the prophecy means the end of war, not the end times. They agree to sacrifice the cow in Israel. The poor cow is dropped from a helicopter and dies, bringing forth world peace.

Cartman goes to Kyle and admits he lied about the ginger cow. “No shit,” Kyle says. Cartman is compelled to tell the truth but Kyle argues there is finally peace in the middle east.

Cartman: “I don’t know how I can live with this. I don’t think I can. Unless, I don’t know, maybe you called your mom a fat skank? Maybe if you said that to your mom and told her that her tits belonged in a morgue, then maybe somehow I could live with this lie.”

Kyle does and Cartman acts totally scandalized.

At school the next day, Kyle has become Cartman’s servant. He makes Kyle tell everyone at school that he loves Cartman’s farts. Cartman then farts in Kyle’s mouth. Stan: “What. The fuck.”

Kyle goes to Mr. Mackey for advice, who asks him to tell him his secret. Pained, Kyle says he loves Cartman’s farts in his tummy. Mackey: “Well, Kyle, that’s kind of odd. Not sure how to help you with that.” Cartman shows up and again, farts in Kyle’s mouth. Oh, Kyle. You poor, poor kid. You just can’t win.

The religious leaders tell a huge gathering that they will unite under a new symbol. The three religious symbols turn into the Van Halen logo and Van Halen takes the stage. Everyone celebrates.

Except Kyle. Stan, as a friend, asks Kyle why he likes Cartman’s farts so much. He says he just does. Stan and Kenny decide they have to figure out what’s going on.

At night, the voice of God visits Kyle and asks, “Why do you endure all the farts, Kyle?” Kyle says he has to because the world is at peace. God says, “What you are doing is the most awesome thing ever. Who else would take so much torment?” God suggests Kyle shave his head and “get all peaceful about it.” You can practically hear Trey cracking up between takes while doing this voice.

Cartman is invited to Israel to take the stage and says Kyle is going as well. Stan begs, “Kyle, don’t do this. Please don’t eat Cartman’s farts in front of the whole world.” Kyle insists he has to but acts high and mighty about it.

Later, Stan confronts Kyle: “If you want to suck farts, Kyle, that’s fine. Go ahead. But you can’t suck farts and be a dick about it.”
Kyle: “I’m actually the complete opposite.”
Stan: “All of a sudden, you seem to think you’re above everyone else.”
Kyle: “I’m not better, I’m just doing what needs to be done to make the world a better place.”
Stan: “See, you sound like a dick.”
Kyle: “I happen to be the one person who’s putting everyone else’s needs before their own.”
Stan: “Dick. That’s a dick talking. You’ve had too much of Cartman’s farts. You got sulfur poisoning and now you’re a dick.”

Stan, to Kenny, outside: “I don’t think Kyle really loves Cartman’s farts. There’s something else going on.” They resolve to figure out what is going on.

Cartman and Kyle, now renamed Fart Boy, appear on stage in Israel. Breaking news interrupts Cartman farting in Kyle’s face in front of everyone. Stan appears on the huge screen and says he knows the truth about the cow. Kyle calls him and begs him not to. Stan puts it all together and goes, “Ohhhhh.” Stan then tells the world he saw the ginger cow miraculously lowered from the sky.

And with that, world peace is over. One man explains, “The prophecy is that one day a fat child with a small penis would decorate a cow to look ginger.”

Kyle tries to get Cartman to admit he made up the ginger cow but he won’t, saying his penis is huge. Defeated, Kyle asks what all of his suffering was for.

Cartman: “Cheer up, Kyle. I’m sure this isn’t the first time someone who thought they were suffering for humanity was actually just sucking farts.”

Okay, so I thought this episode was pretty brilliant. There were so many funny and clever moments, like when Stan tells Kyle how he’s being a dick. And the voice of God? Loved it.

What did you think? What was your favorite moment? How does it stack up with the other episodes so far this season?


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