Sons of Anarchy 6×10 Huang Wu Recap



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Tonight, Jax and the Sons meet with Gaalan to further secure their way out of guns. Also, Tara’s secret is out, causing trouble for her.

Spoilers below.

Tara awakes in that panic we saw in the preview but Thomas and Abel are just in the other room with Jax. Jax tells her she’ll be watched and not to leave but he’s got to go so he doesn’t hurt her.

While Katey Sagal’s cover of Jackson Browne’s For a Dancer plays, the club is well on their way to rebuilding Teller-Morrow. A super beat up Clay in a straitjacket is taken out of the padded room at the prison. A struggling Wendy throws up in her sink. In her hospital office, Tara cries. Jax goes to church. Everyone’s a mess.

Clay tells Elias, his Irish contact and the prison librarian, that his trial has been pushed up and Gaalan has to act now.

Tara finds out Margaret thinks Jax found out about the fake baby from when Gemma confronted her. Tara tries to convince her Lowen gave up the info but a very scared Margaret says she didn’t go home last night and she’ll be leaving town for three weeks.

Jax meets with Colette and Nero. Diosa Del Sur is now officially good to go. Jax tells Colette he plans to crash at her escort house. Gemma and the Sons show up to talk to Jax. Gemma tells Jax that Clay wants her to pay a visit. Chibs tells Jax and the group they have to meet with Gaalan in 20 minutes.

Jax tells the group and Nero the truth that Tara was not pregnant, she set up Gemma, wants to divorce him and take the kids. Jax apologizes to Gemma and Nero. Bobby suggests someone Tara knows watch her and Juice volunteers. Everyone voices their support.

Nero and Gemma share a sweet moment after the guys leave. He tells her to be careful.

At the meet with Gaalan, Jax says he’s meeting with the Cacuzza and Lin family to move the guns. Gaalan tells them Clay’s trial has been moved up and that the deal needs to happen today. Jax tries to refuse helping the Irish take down Clay’s transport but Gaalan insists it has to happen.

Chibs warns Jax that the Irish will blow everyone up before they go to prison. Jax, frustrated, “We’re so damn close.” Chibs tries to calm Jax’s nerves by reminding him how close they are to getting out. He’s a great support for Jax.

Tara visits Wendy with Juice tailing close behind. Even though Wendy is clean now, Tara is stunned that she shot up. Wendy tells Tara she’s going to rehab or sober living and she encourages her to tell Jax and Gemma her truth. Pissed off, Tara says, “Do you know why you’re not capable of being a mother? Because you’re a coward! I’m not afraid of them. Not anymore.” She then calls Wendy “a stupid, weak, junkie.” Just like that, Wendy’s back to being Junkie Whore. You tried, Wendy. Sort of.

Outside, Tara backs into Juice’s bike and he has to jump off to avoid getting hit. Okay, if you weren’t before, you’re totally out of control now, Tara.

Gaalan and the Irish crash the Sons’ meet with the Cacuzza. While Mr. Cacuzza is testing out the guns, the Chinese show up. Gaalan shoots two members of the Lin family and the rest flee. Cacuzza is pissed but makes a deal with Gaalan. Jax tells Gaalan the shooting is “a complication.” Gaalan disagrees. Connor says he didn’t know about it. Tig points out Lin will never believe the club didn’t know about the trap. Oh boy. It’s not looking good for the Sons getting away free and clear from guns. But if it was easy, it wouldn’t be the Sons of Anarchy we know and love.

Unser updates Gemma and Nero on what’s gone down with Tara, Wendy and Juice. Nero offers to go with Unser to check on Wendy. Unser comments on going in Nero’s car. Nero: “Come on, Wayne. Get you in touch with your inner cholo.” Unser: “I had that removed. With my spleen.” I love these two.

Gemma enters Tara’s house, not expecting Tara there. Tara says everything she’s done is exactly what Gemma would’ve done. Gemma says she never would have faked a miscarriage. Tara tells Gemma to leave, to which she replies, “Or what, you’re gonna run me over?” Gemma, in a scary, quiet voice, says: “My son loves deep, hates deeper. It’s in our genes. Betrayal is unforgivable.” She adds, “All you can do now is tell him you’re sorry and go away.” Tara insists she won’t.

Then, Gemma takes it up a level: “You need to hear this, Tara, and understand it on every level. Thomas and Abel will not be raised by you. What you do now will determine how we deliver that message. Mommy moved away or Mommy passed away. Your call.”

Holy shit. Right about now, I wonder if she’s rethinking her actions. I know I am. Would it have been so bad to continue to live with the club and all that entails? Even if she thought staying could result in the destruction of her family, it worse than definitely losing your entire family?

Jax calls D.A. Patterson and thanks her for the Diosa Del Sur license. He promises to deliver Gaalan within the next 48 hours. Patterson assures an immunity agreement for the club and a plea deal for Tara. Jax warns that Gaalan will be well armed. Bobby: “You think she’ll take the bait?” Jax and the Sons head to Colette’s. The Lin family follows.

Nero tries to make small talk with an unwilling Unser. Nero: “So I guess the cancer’s eating away at the part of your brain that can actually hold a conversation.” Unser: “No. It’s eating away at my patience for people I don’t give a shit about.” Nero draws a point in the air for Unser. Nero explains all the crap he’s been through, saying he’s only making an effort for Gemma. Unser: “Thanks for making me feel like shit.” Nero: “No problem, homes.” They’re totally a buddy cop show, minus the buddy part.

The Lin family dispatches a van of machine gun death at the Sons on the highway. They struggle to stay ahead of the gunfire, ending up in a shipping container yard. Jax wrecks through a fence, falling off his bike. The head of the Lin family demands they all get down. It’s looking pretty bad for everyone getting out of this one. Thanks again, Gaalan.

Lin tells Jax he wants to run the guns and that no one is leaving unless the club shuts down the Irish control. He also demands to know where Gaalan is. Jax tells Lin he’ll call with where Gaalan and the guns are tomorrow. Lin says he’s keeping Happy, “the crazy looking one” until then. Yeah, this is bad.

Tara finds Juice waiting at the hospital, under orders to keep an eye on the boys. Tara demands to know where Jax is and calls Juice an asshole. Hey! You’ve definitely gone too far now. Juice, knowing what Jax does with Colette, gives Tara the address.

Unser and Nero find smoke coming out of Wendy’s apartment. Nero, sexy beast he is, kicks the door down. Wendy’s collapsed on the floor and that get her out. Nero points out her new track marks.

At the prison, Clay informs Gemma he signed everything over to her as he won’t be able to when he drops out. Gemma says, “I hope it all works out the way you want it to.” Clay tells her, “See you on the other side.”

The Sons are back at Diosa Del Sur and get the all clear to decompress with the escorts.

At Wendy’s, Gemma tells Wayne to pack a bag for Wendy. He asks where she’s going. Gemma: “The If You Use Again, I’ll Rip Your Tits Off rehab.” Nero: “I love that place.”

Tara shows up at Diosa Del Sur. She’s told to wait for Colette. Instead, she walks upstairs, finds Jax and Colette having sex and starts beating the crap out of Colette. A completely naked Jax pulls her off Colette and Tara hits him across the face. Hearing the fight, Tig, in crazy red skull boxers and no shirt (thanks, Kurt Sutter!) is in the hallway. Tig comforts Colette.

Jax chases after Tara, who pulls a gun on him outside. Finally realizing what we’ve all been watching, she says, “Look what you did to me. What’s happening to me?” I know, darling. It’s all messed up.

While The White Buffalo’s Oh Darlin, What Have I Done plays, Jax picks up the boys from daycare. Gemma takes care of Wendy. Jax works on the blue motorcycle damaged in the explosion. Happy, well, happily watches cartoons and eats Chinese food with members of the Lin family.

Tara meets Patterson, saying, “I’m ready to talk.” She says she wants to take the deal and go into witness protection with the boys. Patterson asks if she’s in danger but says the deal is no longer available. Patterson offers to help her and the boys but Tara says, “No, you can’t. Nobody can help me.”

This is it. There are only three episodes left this season. It’s interesting that Gemma is so willing to help Wendy. Sure, Wendy did apologize for her part last week but is that all it takes? It makes me wonder if Tara had bowed to Gemma earlier this season or even in this episode, would she be in the situation she is now? I don’t see Tara making it out of this well, or even Maggie Siff coming back next season. Then again, I thought Clay was going to die several times over the years so you never know.

So, what did you think of this episode? How screwed is Tara? How screwed are the Sons next week with the transport run? Also, what was your favorite part of the episode?


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