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On TV Tonight: Wednesday, November 6



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Wondering what to watch tonight? Here are my Wednesday recommendations.

Criminal Minds (CBS, 9pm EST) – The team deals with a killer that strangles victims and keeps some sort of memento from each one. This sounds like it has the potential to be pretty gross.

Law and Order: SVU (NBC, 9pm EST) – Tony Award winner Billy Porter (star of Kinky Boots on Broadway) guest stars in an episode about a 4 year old that accuses Porter’s character of sexual abuse. Billy Porter is a phenomenal actor so this episode is a must-see.

American Horror Story: Coven (FX, 10pm EST) – Tonight’s episode is going to have a lot going on. We’ve got the undead that surrounded the school last week and Fiona and Myrtle fighting for control of the coven. Zoe also learns a new power. The episode is called Burn, Witch. Burn! so something is definitely going to go down.

South Park (Comedy Central, 10pm EST) – The description says, “When Cartman pulls a prank, peace emerges around the world.” If this doesn’t make you want to check this one out, I don’t know what will.

FYI, Modern Family is not on this week, due to the CMA Awards on ABC.

Supernatural 9×05 Dog Dean Afternoon Recap



Jack Rowand/The CW Network, LLC

In this week’s episode, the Colonel, a German Shepherd, is the only witness to the murder of his taxidermist owner, who was snapped in half by a reptiled tongued man in a cowboy hat (Steve Valentine, Nigel on Crossing Jordan). Sam and Dean investigate the murder with a lot of help from man’s best friend.

Spoilers below.

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On TV Tonight: Tuesday, November 5



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Don’t know what to watch tonight? Check out my recommendations and set your DVRs.

Agents of SHIELD (ABC, 8pm EST) – The team is back with an all new episode tonight featuring unexplainable floating victims, a weird humming sound and an invisible threat. It looks to be an intense episode with most of the team on the verge of tears in the promo. Stay strong, Fitz and Simmons!

Supernatural (CW, 9pm EST) – What do you do when the only witness is a dog? Well, if you’re Dean, it looks like you spend an episode mind melding with a German Shepherd. PS – If you have Directv, you’ll see the description says it’s a German Sheppard. Given that’s how Mark A. Sheppard spells his name, I’m sure that would be a completely different kind of episode.

Now that shepherd has lost all meaning as a word and looks totally weird, let’s move on to:

Sons of Anarchy (FX, 10pm EST) – Check your DVRs because this episode is scheduled to be 92 minutes long. Gemma confronts Margaret Murphy, the hospital administrator and as we know, these encounters never go well for Margaret. Clay also returns in what looks to be another bad day for him. Also, Jax and DA Patterson (CCH Pounder) sit down to talk. This is definitely a do not miss episode.

On TV Tonight: Sunday, November 3



Gene Page/AMC

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo, 8pm EST) – They’re back! Get ready for some gone with the wind fabulousness and craziness as the lovely ladies of Atlanta return with an all new season.

The Walking Dead (AMC, 9pm EST) – Tonight is all new in an episode that’s sure to be trouble for the group at the prison and even worse trouble for those on the supply run.

Talking Dead (AMC, 10pm EST) – Don’t worry. Marilyn Manson is not a guest again tonight but Chris Jericho and Gillian Jacobs are.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo, 11pm) – We’re totally going to need Andy Cohen break down the Atlanta premiere for us. Even better, Kandi and Kenya are the guests. I’m pretty sure Kenya is leaving her gold pants at home and isn’t going to twirl, twirl, twirl.

Elsewhere on TV, at 8pm EST, there’s The Amazing Race on CBS (scheduled to start at 8:30), The Simpsons on Fox and Once Upon a Time on ABC with everyone’s favorite little mermaid.

Revenge is on at 9pm on ABC and The Good Wife is scheduled to start at 9:30pm on CBS.

What are you most looking forward to tonight?

SNL – Kerry Washington/Eminem


Did you miss SNL last night? Don’t worry. I’ve got all the best sketches with Kerry Washington right here.

In the cold open, SNL addressed the controversy of not currently having a black female performer on the show.

Kerry Washington’s monologue where she fixes problems for SNL cast members like her character on Scandal.

Nasim Pedrad makes this sketch worth watching as she plays a motivational speaker with a fondness for sound effects and thrusting.

This parody of The Fox was the sketch of the night. Good luck not getting it stuck in your head all day.

In this talk show sketch, guests weigh in on how the President is doing and what potential scenarios would cause them to no longer support him. I loved this sketch.

As was very clear in this episode, Jay Pharoah can do a lot more than his “attention teachers and students” principal character. However, Kenan kills it in this sketch and makes it worth watching.

Two words: Bitch Apartment.

Honestly, everything Kate McKinnon does is funny and her accent and expressions in this Weekend Update bit are no exception.

A thousand points to Aidy Bryant because she is the reason this sketch about a cartoon catchphrase game show is funny.

What did you think? Which sketch was your favorite?