On TV Tonight: Tuesday, November 5



American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Don’t know what to watch tonight? Check out my recommendations and set your DVRs.

Agents of SHIELD (ABC, 8pm EST) – The team is back with an all new episode tonight featuring unexplainable floating victims, a weird humming sound and an invisible threat. It looks to be an intense episode with most of the team on the verge of tears in the promo. Stay strong, Fitz and Simmons!

Supernatural (CW, 9pm EST) – What do you do when the only witness is a dog? Well, if you’re Dean, it looks like you spend an episode mind melding with a German Shepherd. PS – If you have Directv, you’ll see the description says it’s a German Sheppard. Given that’s how Mark A. Sheppard spells his name, I’m sure that would be a completely different kind of episode.

Now that shepherd has lost all meaning as a word and looks totally weird, let’s move on to:

Sons of Anarchy (FX, 10pm EST) – Check your DVRs because this episode is scheduled to be 92 minutes long. Gemma confronts Margaret Murphy, the hospital administrator and as we know, these encounters never go well for Margaret. Clay also returns in what looks to be another bad day for him. Also, Jax and DA Patterson (CCH Pounder) sit down to talk. This is definitely a do not miss episode.


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