Sons of Anarchy 6×08 Los Fantasmas



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When it becomes front page news that gangs are responsible for the guns leading to the school massacre, the situation in Charming gets even worse for Jax and the club.

Spoilers below.

Notable Moments:

Unser’s bummed out by what Tara has become to protect her children and so am I. I miss when Gemma and Tara were a team, two against the rising whores. No one in this family communicates with each other and we’re left with more lies, more deception, more problems. No way on earth Jax handles well that Tara was never pregnant, when he eventually does find out.

News that gangs are responsible, leaked by the DA, causes a distraught father of one of the murdered children to run down one of the Byz Lats with his car. When confronted by police, the father shoves a huge knife through his neck and dies.

Juice didn’t move when the car came speeding at him. We’ve seen him be reckless, with the corrupt cops getaway a few weeks ago and him action star-ing into the van but this is worse. He doesn’t seem to care at all about himself. We should all be concerned about Juice surviving the season. The man just can’t catch a break.

Despite a lot of pressure from DA, Nero didn’t rat on the Sons. Instead, he said he bought the gun and was willing to go away for it himself. Because this isn’t what the DA wanted and now there’s proof he didn’t kill one of his girls, Nero is released. Nero is a hell of a guy and Jimmy Smits plays the hell out of him. I really hope Nero makes it through the season because I adore him. Besides, he’ll always have my heart for protecting Venus.

Jax tells Gemma, “Grandma is dead,” which is almost the worst thing you could do to Gemma. Unser tells Gemma she can continue on the path she’s on or take the slower, more painful route and possibly eventually see the kids again. Guess what route she takes.

Gemma confronts Wendy on her part of Tara’s plan, telling Wendy she chose the wrong side. Gemma also tells Wendy that if she supports her now, Gemma won’t let Jax kill her. Wendy tries to get Gemma to take her gun and her drugs but Gemma will only take the gun, telling Wendy she has to figure out the drugs herself. Wendy, who knows she can’t win in this situation with Tara, Gemma and the boys, shoots up.

Jax has an honest moment with a withdrawn Tara and asks her to tell him what he can do to fix their relationship. She turns to look at him, hopefully in a way that means she’ll take him up on that offer and not continue with her plan to take the boys away.

Bonus Points:

Chibs looks damn good in that blue hoodie and holster, with the glasses he’s rocking. I formally request this be a look that happens more often.

The Charming scoops and sweets shop the club is now running looks far less kid friendly than it did last week, what with the prostitutes taking up residence.

No Clay this week. Clay’s a beast but I miss not seeing Ron Perlman.

So, what did you think? How screwed is the club with the DA situation? What do you think Tara will do now that Jax wants to fix things between them?


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