American Horror Story: Coven 3×08 The Sacred Taking Recap



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Tonight, Cordelia and the girls take their plan for Fiona to the next level by performing a ritual called the Sacred Taking. It’s basically Grand Theft Supreme. But who is the next Supreme?

Spoilers below.

Queenie starts off the episode by encountering a homeless man under a bridge. He threatens her and she slams a board with nails sticking out into her hand. Queenie then hits him over the head.

Zoe and Madison show up all in black and tell her the coven needs her. Queenie won’t hear any of it, saying Marie is doing a spell to make Queenie stronger. Queenie cuts the heart out of the man, to Zoe and Madison’s disgust. She tells them Marie needs a dark heart and this man has raped three schoolgirls.

Queenie then says, “Voodoo, witchcraft. This town ain’t big enough for the two of us. War is coming and you’re gonna lose.”

Well, one thing’s for sure. Queenie’s not playing around anymore.

Fiona explains in voiceover her cancer has spread and it’s terminal. She tells Cordelia, who replies, “Do me a favor. Die before Thanksgiving so none of us have to suffer through that mess of raisins and styrofoam you call stuffing.”

Fiona takes comfort in the Axeman. She says she has a month before her body starts showing the effects of cancer on the outside. Axeman asks her to run away with him but she refuses, not wanting him to see her fall apart. He asks if she’s thought about killing herself but Fiona says, “I’ll stay alive just to spite them.”

The Axeman and Fiona are happy together, as happy as two people who are undead or dying can be. Fiona explains she’s dying so fast because a girl is becoming the Supreme. She’s determined to find out which girl it is and I doubt it’s so Fiona can send her a congratulations basket.

Neighbor Luke’s mother (Patti LuPone), insists he was in the care of devil worshippers next door when the zombie outbreak occurred. She tells him he must be cleansed from the inside out and tells him to take off his pants. The look on Luke’s face shows he’s been through this before and there’s no way of getting out of it. He gets in the bathtub and seems to get some sort of godawful, psychotic mother enema. There are no good mothers on this show, are there?

Nan can hear Luke begging his mother to stop but Cordelia snaps at her to focus on the battle plan. Cordelia says Queenie is dead to her right now. They argue over who gets to kill Fiona. The doorbell rings and Cordelia now realizes Spalding and Delphine are MIA.

Zoe answers the door and finds a rattled Misty, who says, “You have to save me.” Misty is as paranoid as a person can get as she explains to Zoe she’s been found. We flash back to Misty’s cabin at night where Myrtle, who’s seen far better days, has risen from her dirt pile to tell Misty a man with a shotgun is outside.

Back in the present, Cordelia asks Zoe who is there. Cordelia takes Misty’s hand and sees Misty’s death and rebirth. She tells Misty she’s safe here now and Misty asks if her friend can stay, too.

All the girls go to the greenhouse and find a scarred but much more alive Myrtle. Myrtle declares that resurrection is harder than any of the Seven Wonders and announces Misty is the next Supreme. Misty turns around from watering plants, like she’s surprised she’s still in the conversation.

Zoe sets Kyle up with a laptop and a program that will help him relearn how to talk. Madison doesn’t get why he has to but when Zoe tries to take it away, he holds on to it. The girls go downstairs where the coven will be busy all night.

Downstairs, the coven dons red robes and begins a ceremony called the Sacred Taking, which will allow the new Supreme to take power. Zoe asks Myrtle if she’s sure Misty is the next Supreme. Myrtle: “I’m certain of her credentials. She’s brought back more people from the dead than Jesus Christ.”

Cordelia rants about how being the Supreme is a burden and a recipe for an unhappy life, which doesn’t sit well with Misty. She tells them she doesn’t want to be the Supreme but Cordelia says it’s not a matter of choice.

The first Sacred Taking was done during the Salem witch trials. It’s only been done three times, when a coven is in crisis. Myrtle, always with a clear sense of reality, says, “Can you imagine those poor Salem witches traveling all the way down here in covered wagons without a proper charcuterie platter or a bidet? Absolutely savage.” Yes, I’m sure that’s what they were most concerned about.

Fiona pukes in her bathroom, looking like she’s a few houses down from death’s door. The digital clock strikes midnight and Season of the Witch plays. Fiona emerges to see Madison, in a red dress, dancing. Madison says, “Surprise, bitch,” and asks Fiona how soon she can get her stuff out of there. Madison says she’s the next Supreme and brought herself back from the dead.

She tells Fiona they’re going to burn her at the stake and she’s bringing marshmallows for s’mores. Madison: “You’ll be hash browns by this time tomorrow. Course, you’re half dead already.”

Madison gives her two options: burn at the stake or kill herself with sleeping pills. She leaves and Fiona drops the pills, pulling out a suitcase. Enter Myrtle. Fiona: “Is everyone back from the dead or have I already died and gone to heaven? Well, I suppose it would be hell, you know.”

Myrtle says Madison brought her back and reminds her of Fiona when she was young, “thin as a pin with a dreadful case of the me, me, me’s.” Fiona says she’s found real love and he’s going to take care of her. Myrtle bursts that bubble saying, “You will die the same way you lived your life: alone and disappointed by everyone.” We see Fiona dying in a hospital bed and the Axeman leaving her.

The girls wait on the staircase and Nan asks Zoe if she thinks she could be the next Supreme. No one does and Nan runs out of the house and over to Luke’s. She unlocks the door with her mind. The house is seemingly empty and Nan finds him in a closet, bound and gagged.

Fiona makes herself up while Myrtle holds a mirror. Myrtle seems to believe Fiona will just go easily now, which I find hard to believe. It’s Fiona. She takes some pills and lies down on her bed. Myrtle sets about stealing Fiona’s jewelry. Fiona closes her eyes and Spalding calls out to her.

The ghost of Spalding can speak and tells Fiona she must drink what he offers her to purge the pills. Fiona refuses, saying she’s trying to be a good person for once. Spalding rips into her about giving up and believing the lies the coven has told her. He says Madison is not the next Supreme. And so, Fiona goes about puking up the sleeping pills.

At Marie’s, Delphine in a cage is greeted by Queenie, who gives her a cheeseburger. Delphine asks why she betrayed her and begs to be let out for just a minute. Marie appears and dismisses Queenie.

Delphine tells Marie to put her back in the ground as she’s had enough of this world. She then starts spouting her old hateful, racist ways. Marie cuts off Delphine’s hand, proving that she can’t die but there are worse things than death to come.

Nan and Luke try to flee his house and run away together. She asks if he means as boyfriend and girlfriend and he nods. She kisses his cheek. Luke’s mother threatens to “unmake” him when a red laser light appears on her. She gets shot multiple times and Luke tries to protect Nan, getting shot in the process. She sobs over him, saying, “I’m your Supreme.” It’s a strange thing to say about a show like this but that was weird.

Myrtle plays piano while the coven waits for Misty to become Supreme. She says she doesn’t feel anything yet. Fiona comes downstairs, renewed and asks where the swamp witch is. Misty’s chair is empty.

Next door, Luke is taken away on a stretcher. Nan says she’s going with him and Misty has wandered over there. Fiona confronts her and tells Misty to bring Luke’s mother back. Misty does and then collapses. I mean, she has brought an awful lot of people back lately.

Cordelia touches a silver bullet on the ground and sees it was the work of a witch hunter. I’m telling you, you have to pick your husbands better, Cordelia.

Zoe goes to Kyle and panics that they’re under attack and she needs to get him out of there. He slowly says the sentence the program has been teaching him while she’s been gone. He then says he loves her. Madison overhears and breaks down.

The next morning, Fiona and Cordelia talk in the kitchen. Cordelia is defiant but Fiona is actually proud of her and the coven for trying to take her out. Cordelia: “If I had known how easy it was to win your approval, I would have made an attempt on your life way before now.”

Fiona sees the silver bullet and Cordelia says she’s glad Fiona is still around to help fight the witch hunters. The doorbell rings, amidst Fiona asking where the servants are.

Fiona answers the door and sees a medium sized cardboard box on the porch. Hesitantly, she brings it inside and finds Delphine’s head. Her eyes open and she wheezes, “Help.”

It’s a shame the cover of Entertainment Weekly a few weeks back ruined the twist about Delphine’s severed head. Ryan Murphy might not care about spoilers but I do. So much has happened in previous episodes, too much maybe, that this episode felt anticlimactic. It really didn’t do anything for me and was far and away the weakest of the episodes to date, in my opinion.

That said, do you think Misty is the next Supreme? All of the girls seem to have gained powers recently, except for Misty. But, you know, she can bring people back from the dead. That’s worth four powers, at least.

Next week, it looks like Cordelia gets her sight back, in a way, and her husband finally gets a taste of what’s coming to him.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know your thoughts below.


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