Sons of Anarchy 6×11 Aon Rud Pearsanta Recap



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Tonight, the Sons hijack Clay’s prison transport and try to ensure their position out of guns. When a crisis happens, Tara helps out the club.

Tara wakes to the sound of Thomas fussing in his crib. Abel is tucked in his bed. Jax and Tara’s bed is perfectly made but Rat is there. He tells Tara that Jax doesn’t want the boys in day care at the hospital anymore.

D.A. Patterson goes over the immunity deal with Jax in a parking lot. Tara won’t get any jail time. Jax explains the guns deal with Gaalan is going down at an old maintenance warehouse. He warns her that there will be at least ten men at the meet.

Gemma has been looking after Wendy at her house. Nero applauds her for helping Wendy but says she has to go to rehab. They kiss. I love them. Nero asks for mercy for Tara but Gemma says, “I can’t go there.” Gemma says she can’t forgive Tara yet. He lets the subject drop.

Tara shows up at Teller-Morrow with the boys and asks Unser to babysit. Unser tells Tara he knows her heart was in the right place. She says, “Unfortunately, where my heart is matters very little.” She leaves. Chucky: “She seems really sad.” Unser: “A lot of that going around.” Chucky: “Not going to get any better, is it?” Unser: “Not today, Chucky.”

Tara meets with her new lawyer, Glender, who warns her if she goes through with the divorce and testimony on what Jax has done, it could ruin her credibility at her trial. Tara: “So I have to choose? My boys or my freedom?” He tells her, “essentially, yes, that’s true.” Yikes.

Connor explains the logistics of the prison transport to Jax and the Sons. The Sons are doubtful but Connor says he’s done this before, twice. The guys suit up in bulletproof vests and grey jumpsuits. At the prison, Clay is being moved. The Sons head to their trucks. Tig, seeing the pink truck: “Why are we pink?” Bobby: “Come on, Tiggy. You love pink.”

Gemma arrives at Teller-Morrow and checks in with Unser and Chucky. She tells Unser she thinks she’ll take the boys to see Wendy to cheer her up. Unser asks who is going to take care of the boys every day if Tara goes away. Gemma says she will and insists she’ll raise them right.

Unser tells her, “You got to realize this isn’t 1967 anymore, sweetheart. This life, it ain’t romantic or free. There’s no path to anything that makes any sense. It’s just dirty and sad. And we both know it’s only going to get worse.”

Gemma asks why he’s still helping her with the boys if he doesn’t agree with this life. Unser: “For the same reason I find myself still here, no matter what the upset or damage. Because I love you. I’m in love with you.” Poor Unser. Declarations of love tend to end badly towards the end of seasons like this.

Juice tells Jax he’s not having a mental breakdown and he knows some of the guys are worried about him. He just feels different. Juice explains he’s got to feel like he’s still doing some good. Jax: “Like you’re one of the good guys.” Jax gets word there’s only one vehicle following the transport and five guys. Sounds easy but that just means it really won’t be.

Tig: “I suddenly feel the need for speed.” Bobby: “Do it!” With that, Tig and the pink truck ram the follow SUV. In Clay’s vehicle, the driver panics. Clay, cool as anything: “Want my advice?” He’s told to shut up. Good luck with that, unnamed officer guy.

The Sons block in Clay’s transport vehicle and draw guns on the officers. The officer insists it’s a bulletproof vehicle but Jax easily shoots out the windshield with his .50 caliber. The back door is opened and Clay is stunned to see Jax. Clay: “Where the hell are the Irish?” Jax: “In Ireland.”

Patterson, Eli and a whole mess of cops have been surveilling the other Sons left behind at the warehouse when they get word Clay’s transport has been hijacked.

Jax transfers Clay to their truck. All goes well until one officer tries to be a hero and shoots Bobby in the vest and shoulder. Juice, behind the wheel of the truck, runs down the officer and speeds away. Bobby’s in bad, bad shape, pale and bleeding badly. Juice apologizes to Jax for running over the officer. They head to the airstrip.

Tara goes to Gemma’s house, where the boys, Nero, Unser and Gemma are. She refuses to stay for lunch or help Wendy. Gemma tells Tara she has to help Bobby but Tara doesn’t understand how they’re going to pretend everything is fine with everyone. Gemma says Bobby will die and Tara snaps out of it.

At the airplane hangar, Chibs reiterates that it’s very bad. Clay walks over to Juice, thanks him for the jail break, puts an arm around him and kisses his cheek. Suddenly, I miss everything about how they used to be.

In an office, Gaalan and Clay embrace. Gaalan tells Jax he did a good job and the Sons execute Gaalan and the Irish. Jax explains to Clay, “We had a vote. Decided this had to happen.” Well, between this and the run over cop, there’s definitely no turning back now.

Tara, Nero and Gemma arrive. Jax sends Juice to help Tara. A very surprised Gemma and Clay talk. He tells her there’s another plan instead of him going to Belfast. Clay says, “I’m glad you’re not alone, Gem,” and kisses her on the cheek. This is looking about as good as Bobby. I know Clay has done some of the worst things but I can’t bear thinking we won’t get to see Ron Perlman every week.

Nero, sad and disappointed, tells Jax he wishes he didn’t know about all this. I’m with you, Nero.

Clay asks Jax what’s going to happen next. Jax asks him how he’d handle it. Clay: “Well, I mean, the smart plan would be to blame it on a bad relationship. Two guys with some history get into a beef. One thing leads to another. Couldn’t be helped.” Jax, who hasn’t blinked yet, says, “Sounds about right.”

Clay nods, knowing. “So, I guess you guys had another vote I wasn’t privy to.” Jax: “Yeah, we did. This time, it was unanimous.” Clay: “Fair enough.” Tig escorts Clay away to the office. Jax, Chibs, Juice and Rat follow. Clay stands on one side of the room and asks, “Is this good?” Chibs hands Jax a gun.

Outside the office, Clay is standing right where Gemma, Tara and Nero can see him through the window. Clay looks at Gemma and is shot by Jax in the neck. He drops, blood squirting out and Gemma gasps. When he’s down, Jax shoots him five more times in the chest. Goddamn it.

Jax tells Nero this is “the last piece of a very broken past.” Gemma and Nero get in the SUV to head to the cabin and Jax opens the door for Tara. She takes his hand briefly. Maybe there’s some hope after all.

On the way to the cabin, Tara explains to Nero that Clay killed Piney, ordered the hit on Tara and destroyed her hand and career. Tara: “Clay Morrow should’ve been dead a long time ago.” Gemma breaks down sobbing. She says, “I hated him so much.” Tara gets a call from D.A. Patterson asking to meet at Tara’s office. She agrees and tells Gemma the call was her lawyer. Tara then puts her hand on Gemma’s shoulder and asks if she’s okay. Gemma takes her hand. You have a real chance of fixing things, Tara. Please don’t mess it up.

At the hangar, Jax plants the gun in Clay’s hand. Connor shows up with two Irish. Jax takes Connor into the office and puts a gun on him. He explains the spun story to Connor but Connor isn’t buying it. Jax tells him it’s the only way Connor avoids looking like a failure. After much convincing, they shake on it.

Tara, Gemma and Nero arrive at St. Thomas. Tara goes in alone to gather supplies for Bobby while Nero and Gemma talk about Clay. She asks if he’s okay with the club and not so seriously says he can marry her. Nero: “No offense, mama. I’ve seen what happens to your husbands. It ain’t pretty.” Can’t argue with that.

Patterson offers Tara witness protection and immunity if she tells her and Eli who was responsible for Clay’s hijacking. She asks if a sheriff’s bullet from a club member is proof enough. Patterson says yes but an unsure Tara says she has to think about it. Right between a rock and a hard place is Tara.

At the cabin, Tara removes the bullet and glass chards from Bobby’s shoulder. He’ll make it if she gets the last piece out.

Gemma reads Abel a story in her bed with Nero. Unser walks in with Thomas and says he’s going to check on Wendy again, then leave.

Elsewhere, Connor is drinking up a storm and fires a bullet into the wall in anger.

Bobby comes to and Juice smiles for the first time in what feels like forever.

Patterson and Eli walk through the crime scene. Eli says Jax kept his deal to give her Gaalan and the guns but Patterson disagrees. “The deal I made didn’t include a stack of dead bodies,” she says.

Jax thanks Tara at the cabin for helping. He tells her he understands what she’s done and says, “I’m sorry being with me took you to that place.” Stunned, she says nothing but just looks at him. He leaves and she locks the door behind him. Alone, Tara pulls out the bullet she took out of Bobby.

Oh boy. It’s not going to stop until we hit the season finale in three weeks. I know Tara’s right, I know everyone is right, Clay should have been dead a long, long time ago. But I’m still going to miss him. Thanks for everything, Ron Perlman. I hope you had as much fun on Sons all these years as we’ve had watching you.

Then, there’s Tara. What do you think she’ll do? Better yet, what would you do if you were her? I don’t think there will be any winners at the end of this season.

Next week, there’s no new episode but be sure to tune in Tuesday, December 3 to find out what happens next. The preview promises Happy, Juice without a shirt and Jax saying, “Don’t worry. It ends well.” You sure about that?


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  1. I’m really digging these posts Gory.

    Grief counseling on the cheap. Excitement and drama! The fingernails keep flying!


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