On TV Tonight: Wednesday, November 13



FX Networks

It’s Wednesday, TV’s day of murder, Bitchcraft and four animated kids. What should you watch? Good question. Here’s what I’m watching tonight.

Criminal Minds (CBS, 9pm EST) – Tonight, the BAU investigates the disappearance of teenagers who are also suspected of perpetrating several mass murders. This should be an interesting one.

Law and Order: SVU (NBC, 9pm EST) – In this episode, a raped military officer won’t cooperate with SVU because she’s afraid it’ll ruin her reputation.

American Horror Story: Coven (FX, 10pm EST) – There’s a dark entity stuck inside the school and the girls set about making contact with it. Given all they’ve been through so far, it’s pretty inadvisable but should make for a great episode.

South Park (Comedy Central, 10pm EST) – Okay, are you sitting down? Randy gets a job as a mall cop on Black Friday. Also, the boys are dressed up like their questing characters in the upcoming South Park video game, The Stick of Truth, and the classic episode, The Return of The Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers. Cartman. Wizard hat. Don’t miss it.

What are you watching tonight?


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