On TV Tonight: Tuesday, October 29


What I’m watching tonight:

Agents of SHIELD – Tonight is a re-air of the pilot if you missed it or just need to spend some more time with Coulson and Lola. I feel the series got into a really good flow in the past two weeks. It’s still got a few more growing pains to go through but with Joss, Jed and Maurissa helping the series, I’m not concerned.

PS – Fitz and Simmons own my heart.

Supernatural – Tonight’s episode features Felicia Day, a Wizard of Oz theme and a nice shout out to us fans after the Supernatural title card. Have your remote ready to hit pause and look in the bottom left corner of The Winchesters of Oz. Jared Padalecki (@jarpad on Twitter) posted this image yesterday. It’s very sweet.

PS – This is me, eagerly awaiting Tahmoh Penikett’s return, whenever that may be.

Sons of Anarchy – After last week’s well done and heartbreaking Venus Van Dam episode, we can count on a left turn back to all the crap the club has been dealing with this season. Are you Team Gemma or Team Tara? I love Tara but I just can’t get with her endgame ever justifying what she did last week. When the truth about that eventually comes out, stand back.

PS – I got my Venus and Tig fix for the season in abundance so I can’t complain about anything that happens from here on out this year. Well, I shouldn’t. I reserve the right to riot after we see who’s left standing at the end of November.

That’s my lineup. What are you watching?


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  1. Tahmoh did a stint on Canada’s “Continuum” as a politician. Since we’re only at the start of season 2 I don’t know how far he makes it in the series (there are 3 seasons thus far, two of which are available on Netflix and I highly recommend). He talks with a funny accent in this show though, nothing like his uber cool persona as Helo on BSG.

    • I’ll really have to check that out. I adore Tahmoh and Continuum looked good when I saw commercials for it on Syfy. I dig the lead actress on that show, too. Another thing to add to my Netflix queue!

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